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  All Nations Fellowship meets for talking circle style
  meetings, sometimes including meals, for
  discussion on Biblical principles and support for
  one another.

  The primary facilitators are Jeny RunningBrook,
  founder of First Nations Monday, and Rikki Perkins,
  Montana State Chaplain of the Missing In America Project, a Veteran's Recovery Program.

Formerly, Jeny hosted the Across Turtle Island radio show on KALS 97.1 FM from 2002-2007 and on
BigValleyRadio.Com from 2009-2011. 
2010 Nominee for Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards (APCMA) for Best Aboriginal Music Radio Program & Recipient of the 2011 Silver Arrow Award for Outstanding Contribution to Native American Radio.

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First Nations Monday ~ Holding Up The People In Prayer ~ Est. May 2000
Jeny RunningBrook, Founder of First Nations Monday and Co-Founder of All Nations Fellowship,
is ordained with
Indigenous Messengers International.