The Native American New Life Center is a ministry of McAllen Grace Brethren Church which is located in McAllen, Texas.  The ministry was founded on March 10, 1995 and is dedicated to helping our Native American people find hope and meaning in life through Jesus Christ, as we live in two worlds: the native and non-native cultures.  The ministry of the Native American New Life Center is threefold.

Our Church Ministry

Our church service is formatted to fit the Native American culture.  Every aspect of the service flows in harmony with our culture.  In the center of the circle is our drum.  The drum becomes our instrument of worship as singers sing songs that honor and glorify our Creator above.  It is the heartbeat of our culture and the songs we sing.  It directs us to dance.  It directs us in our lives.  The rhythm calls us to worship in our culture.  It lifts us when we are down and brings joy to all who hear it.  As we finish our worship in song, a blanket is laid on the ground.  This gives our people an opportunity to give back to the Creator a little of the blessings He has given us.  After a few words of encouragement, incense is offered to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The aroma of the incense of cedar and sweet grass directs our thoughts and lives to God our Creator.  We offer our prayers to Him and we thank Him for the good things He has given us.

Our Pow Wow Ministry

The pow wow is a social gathering where Indian people come to dance, meet new friends and have fun.  We meet people from all over our land.  We enjoy meeting each other and learning from each other.  The pow wow is the means by which we keep our culture alive in the midst of our modern world.  It is a way of expressing ourselves as Native American people, as we dance and sing around the circle.  It is in this setting that the ministry of the Native American New Life Center has made its home, as we are invited into the pow wow setting where we invite the people to join us in a time of worship.  It is an opportunity to bring joy and hope to all who attend, through the songs we sing and the message that is shared through God our Creator's Word.  We set up our drum in the circle and invite all to come and join us for worship.

Our Music Ministry

Music is very important in our lives.  Some songs tell stories of times past, while others are an expression of our deeper inner feelings.  The songs we sing are sung as a verbal expression of praise to the Creator, Jesus Christ, for what He has made us.  It is our way of expressing thanksgiving for the gift of our culture.  While many of the songs have words, either in English or in our Native language, others might be an expression of gratitude through vocable sounds that go with our music.  The songs we sing have brought joy and hope to our people everywhere we sing them.  It is for this reason that we have preserved these songs by the recording of CDs.  That way our songs continue to encourage people outside of the worship service setting.


The symbol of the Medicine Wheel has been adopted to represent the ministry of the Native American New Life Center.  The Cross in the middle of the symbol represents the cross on which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave his life, to give eternal life to all who believe in Him.  On each end of the cross we placed four colored beads that represent the four races of the world:  red, yellow, black and white, for whom Christ freely gave His life, to bring forgiveness of sin to all who believe.  The Circle with its never-ending character represents eternity.  It is the symbol of the eternal life given by Jesus Christ to all who put their faith in Him.  The Horse Hair symbolizes the strength we receive when we put our trust in Him and become His children.  The Eagle Feather symbolizes the hope and protection we receive when we accept the Lord by faith.
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